About Me

Hi! I'm Racquel Tamara

Women desiring transformational change hire me to help them manifest the dream lives they have always wanted and deserved in love, life, and purpose.

Just 3 years ago, I was exactly where you are today. I used to be exhausted, burnt out, dissatisfied and discontented. I had lived up to other people’s expectations. I even followed the rules, and did what I was told in order to be a "good girl".

I painstakingly followed the formula taught to supposedly win in life...

  • I got my education
  • I worked for multiple world-renowned organizations
  • Traveled the world
  • Dated successful men
  • Invested in real estate
  • Volunteered and served my community
  • Faithfully went to church

Yet I felt empty, unfulfilled, broken-hearted and discouraged. I felt like I always got the short-end of the stick. Why didn't people recognize my worth or see the hard work I did? I was always seeking approval outside of myself. What was wrong with me? 

Deep down I knew I was built for more. But, I was frustrated because what I saw with my eyes did not reflect what I knew to be true on the inside.

However, instead of listening to the call of purpose in my heart… I continued on autopilot doing what was expected of me. It was safe and familiar. But it turns out that conforming to the expectations of others is exhausting.

I knew continuing down this road would mean sacrificing my physical health, my emotional well-being and my mental health. That was too high of a price to pay.

I had to make a choice!


I Chose To Align With Purpose!  

In the span of 6 months, I...

  • Quit my safe, secure, reputable job
  • Gave up the security of a bi-weekly paycheck with health benefits
  • Walked away from multiple sources of lucrative income
  • Sold my luxury condo
  • Moved back home

I buckled down and did the hard work. I invested heavily in myself undergoing therapy, along with coaching, training, and certifications.

Most importantly, I made peace with my past!

It was a process...

One that involved healing, forgiveness, & courage.

I was willing to see life in a different light. Then, it was so clear what I needed to do next.

I officially opened my coaching practice.

What a freeing decision! I had finally unleashed my courageous confidence to be authentically me. No longer conforming, no longer appeasing, no longer seeking external validation.

Finally, I took life by the balls! Now, I am living my truth. Now, I'm taking the world by storm! 

What about you? Can you truly say you are living your best life?

What will it take before you decide that you have had enough? If you continue down your current path, will it get you the results you need, want and desire? 

Looking for a solution to a repetitive, reoccurring issue in your life? Book your call today and become one step closer to attaining the life of purpose, passion, and success you desire!