Hi! I'm Racquel Tamara

Are you tired of feeling exhausted, burnt out, and dissatisfied? Do you find yourself living up to other people's expectations, following the rules, and seeking approval outside of yourself? I understand because I've been there too.

Just a few years ago, I was in the same place you are today. I had checked off all the boxes of success – education, prestigious jobs, travel, relationships – but I still felt empty and unfulfilled. I knew deep down that I was meant for more, but I was afraid to listen to the call of purpose in my heart.

Then, I made a choice...

I Chose To Align With Purpose, and Everything Changed!  

In the span of six months, I left the safety of my secure (albeit toxic) job and let go of the status quo. I invested heavily in myself, undergoing therapy, coaching, training, and certifications. I embarked on a journey of healing, forgiveness, and courage.

And now, I'm here to help you do the same!  

As a certified life coach, my mission is to guide women like you towards transformational change. I want to help you manifest the dream life you've always wanted and deserved – a life filled with love, fulfillment, and purpose.

Imagine what it would be like to break free from the expectations of others and to live authentically as your true self. No longer conforming, no longer seeking external validation. It's time to unleash your courageous confidence and take life by the balls!

But here's the thing: change won't happen unless you make a decision. Are you ready to say enough is enough? Will your current path lead you to the results you truly desire?

If you're looking for a solution to a repetitive, recurring issue in your life, I invite you to book a call with me today. Together, we can take the next step towards attaining a life of purpose, passion, and success.

Don't settle for anything less than your best life. It's time to step into your power and create the life you deserve. Let's make it happen together